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*Marketing services do not include printing or distribution. Social Media Ads will be at the agents' expense.

Graphics and Branding
Package: $100

  • 3 Graphics of Choice

    • Flyer

    • Social

  • 1 Branding Template​

*Add a New Logo for $100

Basic Marketing
Package: $85

  • 2 Social Media Graphics

  • 1 Flyer

  • add 1-Touch SmartPlan for $25

New Listing Package: $100

  • 3 Social Media Graphics that can be Posted to Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. ​

  • 1 Flyer or Postcard

Open House Package : $150

  • 1 Flyer

  • 1 Social Media Graphic

  • Welcome Sign with QR Code

  • Sign-In Google Form

  • 1-Touch SmartPlan for Open House Follow-Up (email campaign)

Need something that's not on the list? Let's talk!
*Some items require access to agent's social media account(s) or Command
**Pricing is based on minimum time needed for each project.

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